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The Explorer Suite

A fusion of exotic luxury, this suite is an awe-inspiring escape from the routines of everyday life. The eclectic accents bring together a combination of French, Indian, and Asian décor to create an environment that is both unique and exciting

From wall to wall faux leopard carpets that run the floor, to the Goan lanterns that illuminate the room by night, to the bedroom’s teak wood paneling from Indonesia; the diverse elements come together seamlessly to make for a traveler’s paradise. Still, the most captivating feature of the room is the king-size French bed that positions guests to awake to a breathtaking view of Aspen Mountain.

Your apartment is located in The Aspen Residence Hotel, a boutique luxury hotel in down town Aspen with 8 gorgeous luxury apartments. Guests have exclusive access of their own apartments and share a beautiful victorian reception and entrance area.

Visitors can expect their luxurious and tranquil accommodations to be accompanied by the highest standard of guest services. There is a remarkable sense of homeyness that turns moments at The Residence into lasting memories.