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Your Host in Aspen

Your host, Terry Butler and Charlie the dog, welcome you to enjoy the “ORIGINAL RESIDENCE HOTEL OF ASPEN”

Terry Butler, whose life is like something out of an adventure novel; set out to create a place that any traveler could escape to, yet still get a sense of home. As a lifelong wanderlust, Butler’s voyages have taken her to far reaches of the globe, where she’s carefully collected the finest furniture, art and antiques to decorate the halls and rooms at The Residence. With this, the hotel is a true extension of a compelling woman who shares her passion for life, culture, adventure, and love with every guest who enters up the hotel’s stairs from prestigious Galena Street.

“A self-described “adrenaline junkie,” Butler has lived and traveled the world over, with Aspen as her home base for the last four decades(she moved to Aspen from Mexico City). Walk off Galena Street and up the black-diamond steps of the Residence Hotel and you’ll discover Butler’s base camp. Part intimate hotel, part European drawing room (with Asian accents), and part photographic gallery of Butler’s famous friends (Hollywood types like Jack Nicholson and Sylvester Stallone, politicos from Jimmy Carter to John McCain), the Residence Hotel has catered to a loyal coterie of upscale guests since Butler cobbled it together in 1996. Originally a collection of apartments, the Residence fell into Butler’s hands when she began buying up leases and renovating the apartments.”

The Residence Hotel is one of the few hotels left anywhere that has the owner, Ms. Terry Butler, living on the premises. Having been a Colorado rancher for many years she started the hotel shortly after selling her Woody Creek Ranch to actor Don Johnson.

The hotel is filled with her personal collection of art and antiques and her presence certainly insures an attention to detail and service most unusual to find.

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